How To Fix 500 Internal Server Error

Did you recently update plugins on your WordPress website and all of sudden you see the 500 Internal Server Error? In simple terms it simply means the server encountered an error and is unable to display your website.

When this error occurs users are usually unable to access the WordPress admin page and thus you feel as if you are totally out of luck. But wait, there is a solution. If you are curious and would like to learn more about the error then check this link.

Now the fix. You can either use ftp to login to your site and rename the plugins folder or you can do what I do. Login to your host e.g. GoDaddy, JustHost, A2Hosting etc and then find a link to phpMyAdmin. You are warned that if any of these terms (SQL, Database tables) sound alien to you then hire a professional.

You want to find the table wp_options and within that find the column option_name. You can run this SQL query:

SELECT * FROM wp_options WHERE lower(option_name) LIKE '%active_plugin%';

You should get a list of plugins currently on your WordPress website. You can manually remove them one by one and then keep checking your site to find the bad plugin or just set the value to


and that should do the trick. For a video description see this:

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